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September 2014
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Growing Dutch Tulips in Gibraltar

Dutch Tulip field

Spring-flowering tulip bulbs are traditionally in Holland planted in autumn, but in warmer climates like Gibraltar, tulips prefer to be planted when the weather and soils are a bit cooler. November or December is a good time, Tulips are really not  fussy. However, it is important to remember that  Gibraltar´s  winters  do not get cold enough to initiate flowering of the tulip, so they need to be given a short time in the fridge before planting. Between 4 and 8 weeks are usually enough, and somewhere like the crisper is ideal.

To plant the tulip bulb, you dig individual holes plant at least twice as deep as the bulb is high and space them 15 to 20 cm. Plant Tulip bulb with the pointy end up and water well once the foliage appears.

Tulip bulbs need very little attention except a complete bulb fertilizer at planting time. They do best in an open sunny position or light shade and will flower poorly if they do not receive enough natural light. Good drainage is important.

Tulips make an impressive display in bold groups, natural drifts beneath deciduous trees or just scattered around the garden at random. It is amazing to think that these small, dull, lifeless packages will burst into magnificence in spring – so enjoy your Dutch tulips!

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